Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here Kitty Kitty

As I was walking home on Wednesday evening after the dogs' evening walk, I saw Mica nuzzling something in a box that had been put next to my gate. I peeked in and saw a tiny kitten which someone had placed in the box, together with an old rag and some white cheese (stuck in a plastic cup which the kitten couldn't get into.

Well, what does one do? The kitten is now named Juliette and has moved into our home. Permanently, I guess. The dogs play with her and Mica loves to clean her, which Juliette suffers with relatively good humor (she doesn't scratch or run away).

Update -- March 28th
Half-grown crazy kitty now lives permanently in the house. Will be happy to accept contributions to her spay  job. 

Pesach 2012

Every once in awhile something happens and I think to myself....oh, have to add it to the blog. but the moment passes and my blog becomes even more outdates.

Pesach, however, is a time when everything is SO unique -- especially in Israel -- that it's a pleasure to write about it.

For instance, where else could you live where an announcement in the local paper reminds the public that NO CHAMETZ may be brought into the hospital for the next three weeks. And, having been to the hospital during this time, I can attest that the guards at the door who normally check bags for guns and bombs, also check for chametz at this time of year.

The pre-Pesach shuk (open-air market) is also a delight this time of year. The colors are breathtaking -- dark green artichokes next to bright orange pumpkin squares (in Israel, pumpkins are HUGE so they cut them up and sell them by the kilo) and rosy red strawberries (Pesach is always the end of strawberry season in Israel...lucky for me because making fresh strawberry jam is always my first task when I start Pesach cooking after the dishes have been turned over).

Most of Pesach week will be me and my two daughters at home -- the Jerusalem daughter will be home for pesach because her Bagel joint job is on hold for the holiday. She can use the time to apply for scholarships for next year since she was accepted to Bar Ilan university. Hurray! My oldest son and his wife will be going back and forth between home and Tel Aviv because they both need to work during Pesach week, but my youngest son will, thank goodness, be home from the army for the Seder.

Daughter #3 is in Miami for Pesach...spoke to her on the phone yesterday...she's partying and loving the life. I keep waiting for her to settle down, and every time I turn around, her level of crazy behavior goes up a notch. Ah well, everyone has their journey in life, so I guess that this is hers. Hope that it ends happily for her.

Anyway, by this stage, I know better than to try to cook anything other than for the Shabbat/holiday meals because no one's going to like it anyway, so it'll be a week of a lot of avocados, cheeses, eggs, dried fruits and nuts. Since the Jerusalem daughter is a vegetarian, there's not much use to trying to cook meat...thought maybe we'll sneak in a barbque somewhere. Barbqued tofu anyone?