Tuesday, December 11, 2012

When I'm 54

OK, the Beatles song was "When I'm 64, but who's being picky?"

About a month and a half ago I left the non-profit where I'd been working for 13 years to try something on my own. I certainly wasn't as brave as some people who strike out without a penny in their pocket and just their commitment to their, i'm too much of a chicken for that.

I have 6 months of paid unemployment due to me, plus I've been developing a bit as a web content writer/copywriter and have a couple of pretty serious clients as well as some bits and pieces that come in every once in awhile.

Still, the whole thing leaves me a little shaky -- can I make it on my own?

Well, so far, I'm earning pretty much what I was earning before. But even more, I'm totally in charge of my life. If I want to wake up at 9:00a.m. and go to sleep at 1:00a.m....yallah. My "breaks" from the computer include walks with the dogs, laundry, some kitchen chores and chats with the neighbors. Unfortunately, being on the computer all day also encourages me to browse a little too much, but then I find all sorts of things to blog about!

My next step is a possible subsidized course in running my own business. That would be interesting....something that I could do from my house. Problem is, I'm not exactly sure what I want to do. I'm having a great time with the writing, and I still have my little guest room downstairs (another big plus of staying home is that I actually MEET my guests and can spend some time with them....if they are interested, of course). I sell some boutique beer to the locals  whenever the owner of the brewery can get me some cases to sell. But I'd like to develop something else.

My brother's passion is History and he wrote a history book. Never mind that it makes my head spin -- he pursued his passion. So what's my passion?

Don't know yet but I have 4 1/2 more months of unemployment to figure it out.

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