Saturday, December 29, 2012

Those Racist Israelis

Typical Saturday night at our local hospital. I went to visit a neighbor. The place was buzzing....two Ethiopian kids had found a couple of unused wheelchairs and were zipping down the hallways near the Emergency room. Everyone just walked by them, smiled a little, and left them to their fun.

Up on the ward three nurses were handing out meds, an Arab male nurse, a Jewish nurse with a head-covering and a Druze nurse with a Druze-headcovering. Most of the patients seemed to be Arab or Druze, but a number were Jews.

About 8:00p.m. a little band, comprised of a few Hassidim and non-Hassidic religious Jewish men and boys made the rounds, playing lively music (I guess to mark the end of Shabat) on a guitar, flute and rolling organ. They went into each and every room (unless asked to refrain) to play music for the enjoyment of the patients and visitors.

At the nurses station, two doctors, a Russian and Arab, were reviewing charts together.

It doesn't need to be noted that each and every patient, regardless of nationality, religion or skin color was getting the same pretty-good-quality treatment (admitted, it's a small-town hospital, not the Mayo Clinic, but still....) 

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