Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow.....

And it did. Today. After 3 days of rainy weather. Not that I'm complaining. You can't very well pray for rain and then kvetch when it actually arrives. But a few days of nice weather in-between the blessed rain (and thank goodness that I finally found where to buy good, strong umbrellas!) is OK with me. Laundry is happily drying outside in the sun and all is right with the world.

One of my consistent clients for whom I create copywriting articles was sending me a ton of work at the beginning of December, and I was plugging along, very excited to think about the end-of-month total. Then, suddenly, the editor had a family emergency and the writers were alerted that there would be several weeks of no assignments.

Well, that's freelance life, and I was a bit bummed, but resigned. I have another pretty consistent client but I like to vary my routine so that I don't get too bored (did I mention that I have two ADHD kids? And that it's known that ADHD is often genetic?  And that my ex-husband (their father) most definitely does not have ADHD. So can we all figure this out?) So just when I was starting to wonder "is this really going to work out?" I received two phone calls with two more work assignments. Interesting ones.

I'm looking forward to this new life.

Shabbat lunch started out a bit iffy -- it looked as though 2 of my neighbors were going to take bats to each other over seating arrangements, but I plopped myself in the middle and in the end, it was very pleasant. I had specifically made it a "neighborhood" shabbat because of the weather -- I thought that my single neighbors would enjoy staying in the neighborhood with a 2 second walk to the house, and it was quite heimish (look it up guys). I did get a last-minute phone call from Livnot re: three participants for a shabbat meal, and it turned out that only 2 of them came and only one was male. So there were 10 females at the table and this one guy. Luckily he was pretty friendly and easy to get along with and I hope that he had as good a time as the rest of us did. 

Time to clean the guest room for this week's guests (I love it when I've been in contact with expected guests -- it makes me feel like I already know them when they arrive) and take the dogs for their walk. Have you ever seen two dogs smile? Just say "want to go for a walk? and see what happens." (though they were pretty smiley when I brought back the Shabbat leftovers from my wonderful neighbors who religiously save bags.)


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