Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Yesterday I drove my car (OK, daughter's car, but she's in Miami, so it's MINE for awhile) down my lane because I couldn't face schlepping my six heavy bags of fruits and veggies (i'm hopeless when it comes to a fruit and vegetable store -- worse than a kid in a candy store) all the way from the parking area.

It's a narrow lane but vehicles that are bigger than my daughter's little pint-sized car make it just fine, so I should too, and I did. It rattles me a bit though, especially since there are so few places near my house to park, so to avoid parking further away (which is the whole reason that I drove down the lane to begin with) I have to carefully maneuver the car.

Anyway, my neighbor, a lady who likes to "take charge" came out at just that point and by the time she had "helped" me park ("back, forward, left, in, out, right, left, back again...") I was a perfect wreck. Then, she wanted to "help" me bring my stuff in, so while I was trying to figure out how to get my trolly and bags out of the doors that were wedged against the walls of the house next door, she was chatting away, telling me to "grab this, but that in here, you grab that and I'll get this" and....oy. If only I was a drinkin' woman, I would have pulled out a bottle right there and then.

Well, I finally got everything into the house, except, unbeknownst to me, the car keys, which I left dangling in the back lock thanks to everything that had been happening.

So today, I headed out to repark the car and found a note on the windshield -- "car keys are with me. phone #.....". My neighbor, who didn't know whose car it was, just took the keys home with him and left me a note! Bless him!!!!!! Even if no one would have taken the keys (possible, especially in this neighborhood), would I have known to look for the keys in the trunk lock?

Moral(s) of the story:
1. Once again, thank goodness that I live where I do
2. God DOES take care of children and idiots.
3. I have GOT to learn to tune things out sometimes

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