Tuesday, December 11, 2012


  • Why are the most comfortable shoes the ugliest?
  • How do the dogs know whether the person at the gate is friend (start wagging tails and hopping around) or foe (barking) when the gate is 10 meters away and out of their sight? (yes, this is a repeat from a few weeks ago, but i'm STILL wondering)
  • Why do all of the "Aliyah blogs" end within a few years of the person's immigration to israel? The longer olim (immigrants) stay in Israel, the more they have to say, and to teach the newcomers. If you start a blog, stick it out. (just don't ask me how many times, over the years, this blog has sat stagnant).
  • How come anytime I'm invited out to eat, I eat double what I would otherwise? What is it about the food that someone else cooked? Is it really tastier? (Guess who was at a Chanukah party last night and chowed down...)
  • Why is this video so offensive to some of the frum bloggers that I've been reading? It's kind of cute. And while we're at it, these guys (who, from the looks of it, are all pretty yeshiva/Hassidic) aren't supposed to know about this kind of music...but from their dancing, they sure know exactly what the dance is. What's going on? 
          Of course, with Chabad, you expect something cool and modern. And yup, here they
  • Everyone has known that Chanukah was going to be starting on Dec 10 least 12 months. So why does everyone who wants to come to Tzfat for Shabbat of Chanukah think that it's a good idea to start looking for a place that week. If I had a dozen places to rent, I could have filled them all this Shabbat. 
  • And as long as we're talking about guest rooms.....doesn't anyone want to come up the week BEFORE or the week AFTER Chanukah? When I'm not yet booked? Only the exact week OF Chanukah? Let's spread it out a bit, huh guests?

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