Saturday, December 01, 2012

New Members of the Tribe

Have to head out to a couple of evening events, but just wanted to share this story that someone sent me this evening. Whenever I get depressed about the future of Judaism, things like this give me a boost.


Just came home. I was at a "yartzeit" -- a commemoration for someone who had passed away. In Jewish tradition, the date on which a person passed away is commemorated every year with prayers, learning and charity. Many Sepharadim, especially the Moroccans and Tunisians, host a full meal on the "hascara" of a parent's death -- it's really quite a celebration.

This yartzeit was no celebration...a neighbor was commemorating the 16th year of her own daughter's passing, from cancer. She's a woman of great faith which came through when she told the story of her daughter's final days. It has to be a parent's greatest fear, yet you know, when you have children, that anything can happen at any moment. People always ask me how I get through my sons' army service, but the truth is that I worry more when they're home and drive somewhere.

We all like to think that, once we get our kids through whatever crisis is immediate, we can relax, but the truth is that life is always throwing curve balls. When I hear someone who has been through such pain speak with a strong sense of faith and acceptance of what life has in store, it affects me. But wow, so hard to see someone go through something like that.  

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