Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hamas and Psalms


A couple of weeks ago a notice went out on our local Safed newsletter, asking for someone to take over saying 3 psalms every morning. It's a custom, that if a group of people get together to say psalms, and together they say the whole book, it's as though each person personally said the whole book of psalms.

Anyway, there are a number of groups in Safed including a new one that got together in the memory of someone who recently died. Evidently someone had to bow out of their commitment so they were looking for someone to say #10, #11 and #15.

Since I'm working from home now and have a few extra minutes in the morning, I volunteered -- first time. I mean, it can't hurt.

Well, I think that it's #11 -- it clearly references "Hamas" there, as a violent entity!  I was, shall we say, stunned.

Who's going to tell the guys in Gaza that King David predicted their rise 3000 years ago?

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