Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Chanukah Fun

One of the funnest (word?) thing about Jewish holidays these days is watching out for all the new videos that come out that express the holiday fun in different ways.

Two of the best of this year's videos are one by AISH  and another one featuring Chabad (I think that it's Toronto Chabad). Yes, I tend to enjoy the ones that don't feature half-naked bodies, male or female, slithering around. I'm silly that way.

Re: the AISH videos -- I do wonder about a yeshiva that is supposed to be committed to following the big rabbis and their edicts (like their rulings about NO INTERNET) is so involved in promoting their cause (good cause -- Judaism -- no qualms about that) through every internet device known to man, but...what do I know?

In more alternative medicine news, Penny, our terrier, has been battling an ear infection for months. Every time I'd finish a round of anti-biotics, her ear would start filling up with liquid again. Honestly, you'd hear it sloshing around every time that she'd shake her head. Anyway, I left some sliced garlic in olive oil for 2 weeks, and a few days ago, shot a dose into her ear. That was the end of the ear infection. One dose. Wild.

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