Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Woke up this morning to an Obama win. Dare I tell anyone around here that I actually voted for Obama? I kind of mentioned it to one lady on the street (someone who was still depressed over the results of the election) and she looked at me as though I had just committed treason.

Couldn't vote for Romney. Couldn't do it.

a. I didn't trust him. Sure, he promised Israel his undying support, but I simply didn't believe him. I'd rather have Obama who may be kind of iffy on support of Israel's struggles but pretty much says what he means.

b. His compassion for anyone who doesn't have what he has is pretty much zero.

c. I don't trust him.

d. The dog on the car incident. Good grief.

e. The economic policies that he was promoting made less sense than Reagenomics.

f. When you look at all of the people surrounding him -- well, they're all white. White men, white a country like America, the president should represent everyone. Romney just didn't give that impression.

Plus, this clip that I saw yesterday -- good grief.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I'm done with your blog. You are a traitor to the Jewish people. Obama is a Muslim who hates you! What part don't you understand? Treating Netanyahu like a dog in the US? demanding Israel go back to "67 lines? His embrace of a Nazi Pastor (Wright?). Do you "trust" his vote against "infants born alive act" that lets a baby die if it survives an abortion? You are sick, twisted, and stupid. Are you really Jewish? Bye.

Laurie said...

My family (immediate) generally votes republican (the extended family all votes Democrat, and thinks that we're reactionary nuts).

but I recall the same comments about specific Republican candidates' support of Israel in the past (namely Bush I and Bush II) and they both turned out to be pretty horrible.

In many ways America has morphed into a country of haves and have-nots and the gap is growing. I simply couldn't see voting for a candidate who is pretty vocal about leaving the have-nots to fend for themselves.

Plus, I couldn't support the same guy that Donald Trump was supporting. No way.

Roy Isaacs said...

We vote Conservative!
We completely agree with you Laurie. We in England are far to the left politically than even the Democrats in the USA and we have a much fairer society.
We think Romney is part of the Christian Taliban and we are pleased he wasn't elected.