Wednesday, November 21, 2012

War isn't Good for Diets

Didn't know whether to invite people for Shabbat because my son was supposed to be home from the army for the weekend and he generally prefers a guest-less Shabbat. But it doesn't look like the Gaza situation will be quieting any time soon, meaning that it doesn't look like he'll be home anytime soon. So maybe we'll just go for it and have a crowd. I do feel like cooking. (Correction: I don't really feel like cooking, but I do feel like eating something yummy, so....)

I found a relatively inexpensive fruit and vegetable store that's not too far away and stocked up on veggies, so I'm already planning my menu. I got some chicken breasts to bake with a masala sauce (with mushrooms...ummmmmm) and will make a thick vegetable soup and some grains and potato something-or-other. I also got some fresh green beans and was thinking of steaming them with cut up tofu for Friday night if my vegan daughter comes home. (with some smoked salmon for moi).

Went to speak to someone about a job today. It interests me and I like the idea that I'd be able to take on new responsibilities...and hopefully grow a bit too. I also like the idea that it would be half-time, so I would still have time to develop my other projects and interests. Will hear more in the coming days.

Watching and reading the news -- more rockets in the south, a bus explosion in Tel Aviv, endless talk of war -- is not doing much for my weight-loss program. Who can be bothered to drink 8 glasses of water when the world is turning upside down in front of you? Gal is making chocolate fondue and I think that I will partake.

Turns out that there's a whole blogsphere for middle-aged bloggers. Who knew? What do we all kvetch about? 

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