Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Vegan Dilemna

I woke up this morning with no real plans for Shabbat and have, in the last 5 hours, amassed 9 guests. So, as soon as I finish my present writing assignment and take a nap, I'm going to have to start cooking a little.

I'm still not sure whether my soldier-son will be coming home -- probably not, they're still on alert, even though there's supposed to be a "cease fire" -- or my student-daughter, who would like to go to Jerusalem to hang out with her boyfriend, but he's still mobilized as well.

All of which makes it very difficult to cook. Daughter (if you've been reading, you'll remember that she's a vegan) comes home after a week of eating a lot of tehina and bulger (2 easy dishes for a vegan to prepare) and wants to EAT. So here's my plan:
  • Fresh green beans and sauteed tofu squares (after 45 years, following the childhood trauma of being forced to stay at the table and eat my canned Del Monte green beans, I can finally look a green bean in the eye)
  • soup (barley? some other grain?)
  • eggless challah (extra oil should do the trick)
  • fried eggplant slices (OK, i cheat and bake them) and then wrapped around non-dairy cheese spread (like cigars)
  • pasta (found some basil-pasta in the store this week...that should go nicely)
There's something liberating about not cooking during the week -- when Shabbat comes, I generally enjoy the preparations. Sometimes it takes me a little while to pull myself away from the computer and get started, but generally, especially if I have a good stock of veggies, i can do myself proud in a few hours, from soup to nuts.

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