Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Shabbat -- again

Just when I'm winding down from last week's Shabbat leftovers, the next week's cooking looms. I shouldn't complain....once I get started, I quite like the process of putting different foods together to make a meal. I generally start thinking about a menu on Sunday, and spend the rest of the week shopping -- a little here, a little there -- and by thursday, I (hopefully) have all my ducks lined up.

I don't tend to be very inventive in my cooking -- when I do try something new, the feedback from my offspring isn't encouraging. But, as my son once told me, "presentation is everything" so we chug out a bunch of salads for the first course with a wide range of colors and textures, soup (in the winter) is nice, and then, by the time we're eating the main course, no one notices that it's basically the same as always, with maybe a different sauce or something.

This week it's just me and my daughter for Friday night (I like to have guests on Saturday) so I'm thinking about what to make that's vegetarian. I personally like the break from meat too, and although I'm not a vegetarian, I could happy do so if someone else would do the cooking.

Right now, my mind is on the soup -- maybe a lentil soup for the Shabbat day (when we're having guests) and a barley soup for Friday night.

And...ah...the wonders of Internet....just came across a great vegetarian Shabbat menu idea.

Don't know who this mum is, but thanks! The vegetarian kugel sounds yummy.

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