Saturday, November 10, 2012

Rainy Sabbat Musing

It's a good thing that I have dogs because if not, I probably wouldn't have left the house today. It's been raining on and off since yesterday and there's nothing more satisfying than curling up on a couch with a good book.

Of course, the book was one of those "makes you think" novels that can make you loose sleep. It was about a young woman who goes to work for a quadriplegic and ends up falling in love with him. 

So aside from the panic attacks that followed about "what would happen" the book also raised the question do you respond when someone who is such a situation decides to end it all. Do they have that right? Do you have the right to refuse? Talk them out of it? Is our definition of "quality of life" absolute? These people often have to live with unrelenting pain, infections, diminished abilities (of course), and the fear that goes along with being totally dependent on others for every little aspect of their lives. 

God forbid, if faced with such a dilemma, how would I respond? Traditional Judaism teaches that we must fight for every breath of life and never give up. How would God judge someone who simply couldn't face that type of life? Harshly? I don't think so, but, of course, I have no idea. 

On that cheery note, a bunch of ladies came over for lunch which was a lot of fun. This is not a crowd that is reticent about expressing their views, and we had a go at the recent elections, with a South African neighbor expressing the most disagreement at Obama's (as she viewed it) anti-Israel policies. Honestly, if it wasn't for my Shabbat guests, I doubt that I'd ever have much opportunity to socialize or hear many different views on various subjects since so much of my life is centered on work. This was fun.

Salads (avocado, vegetarian chopped liver -- green beans, fried onions and walnuts, blended together, cooked tomatos with garlic (known locally as "matbucha"), hummos (of course), beets, carrots)
Lentil soup
potato kugel
mushroom quiche

and cooking for a week!  Whee! Of course, that means granola suppers and lots of crackers with peanut butter, but it's worth it.


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Shayna Rehberg said...

Enjoyed reading your post, Laurie. Shavua tov!