Sunday, November 04, 2012

Phone Companies, Mongooses and Family

for anyone who, like me, procrastinates calling the phone companies to find the latest deal....

I called my server, Netvision, to upgrade my bandwidth to 15 mega. Turns out that I already have 15 mega. But....

In the course of the conversation, the representative noted that, as a customer for their international service, I should really be paying 2.90 shekels/month (instead of the 5 shekels that

I'm already paying) and will now pay 9 agorot/minute for calls to hutz l'artz INSTEAD OF the 37 agorot/minute that I was paying under my old subscription. Net savings of more than 300% on international calls.

Then, I called the tashtit (infrastructure), Bezeq, to upgrade to 15MG. I was paying 145 shekels/month for 8MG and with the upgrade I will be paying 99 shekels/month. Yes, that's right --46 shekels/month LESS for the higher bandwidth!
I think that I live in Oz sometimes.
i'll save y'all a Google search -- this is a mongoose
In another interesting "it happened to me," I was walking up to town today and saw a family of mongooses! In Hebrew they're called "nimiot." Of course, by the time I pulled out my cell/camera, they'd disappeared (which is saying something, because they move quite slowly), but still.....neat!
My mother was supposed to come for a visit and we had carefully planned her visit to coincide with a family gathering in Tzfat. In addition to the not-easy task of gathering all of my kids in Tzfat (well, aside from the miami-based daughter), my niece and nephew, who are both studying here for the year, were going to come up, along with our cousins from Rananna. The New Zealand cousins are in Tzfat already (getting their new apt ready) and I had been shopping and preparing for awhile.
Unfortunately, my mother became ill right before she was supposed to come (RIGHT before -- as she was about to board the plane, actually. After a few days in the emergency room and some not-very-comfortable treatments, she's doing better) but everyone else gathered here and we had a lively and enjoyable Shabbat. 
from the back: Geoff Isaacs (cousin), Yochi (daughter), Jenny Isaacs (cousin), Baruch and Mimi (cousins)

; front row Yoni (Yochi's bf, moi, Hagai (son), Leah Ettil (niece)
Next step is off to the supermarket to restock.  

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