Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Education. Sort Of

My daughter came home yesterday to tell me that one of her teachers hadn't responded to her or to her friend during the class. She then went on to "mention" that she and her friend had been playing with their cell phones under the table -- she said that they played with their cell phones because the teacher was ignoring them while the teacher get the idea. What came first, the chicken or the egg.

Anyway, she then went on to tell me that this particular teacher had a fit because my daughter's friend asked her about belief. She basically asked her (if i have this right) "what's the difference between believing in God an believing in fairies?" So, instead of answering her intelligently, the teacher had a fit and decided that this girl isn't worth her time. (this was before the cell phone incident, but likely connected).

It's not a horrible question. And it does deserve an answer. But our wonderful educators would rather tell the kids that "there's a special place in hell for girls who don't wear long sleeves" (same teacher, by the way, and not an unusual thought...a friend told me that her daughter's teachers told the girls the same thing about socks in another school) than provide them with some kind of spiritual food.

OK, granted, it's ridiculous. But what do I do? Call the teacher and tell her that she's an idiot? Call the principal and get a name for myself as a trouble-maker? Stay out of it and let my daughter continue thinking that these people, supposed to be her role models, don't have anything of value to offer about Judaism except the length of the girls' sleeves?

You send your kids off to school and trust the educators and.....what a waste.

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