Thursday, November 08, 2012


It suddenly occurred to me that our cute little puppy, Penny, is eight years old. We got her shortly after our first dog, Sparky, died. She's a constant in my life and except for her daily food, a pat here and there and her walks (the highlight of her life) I don't pay much attention to her.

I just read a letter by a man whose dog was swept away by a wave during the recent New York hurricane. The guy wrote that he was aware that so many people had suffered so much more than he, but still, having his dog disappear like that was a trauma in and of itself.

I can relate. Penny (once named "Jenny" but renamed when our cousin Jenny came to live nearby) has been an important part of my life for many years. She accompanied me through my divorce, headed south with us during the 2006 war (throwing up all the way -- she's not a traveler) and has been a grudging hostess to the various dogs and cats who have come through our front door on their way to permanent homes. (well, yes, some did stay....)

Anyway, dear Penny has had a running ear infection for several months. Most of the time it doesn't bother her, but sometimes she shakes her head and I actually hear swishing sounds. I've had her on two different types of antibiotics and it clears itself up for awhile and then comes back.

My next attempt at getting a handle on her ear infection is going to be a natural remedy - olive oil that has garlic soaked in it.

Penny hasn't been thrilled about the antibiotic drops so I doubt that she'll like the olive oil, but we'll give it a go. 

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