Sunday, November 18, 2012

Divving Up

There are collections going on now for everything imaginable, and, while I want to help all of these causes, I don't know exactly how to divvy up my donations.

Pizzas for soldiers. Sounds ridiculous, given all of the other needs in the country right now. But it's important for the soldiers to know that the citizens appreciate everything that they're doing right now. Plus, as the mother of one of those 20-year-olds who's sitting on the border right now, waiting for orders, I know for a fact that a pizza would go a long way towards bolstering his morale. So, just donated.

Aid for southern residents. Aside from the horrible stress that they're facing from the rockets and the destruction all around, many have had their livelihoods pulled out from under them. Medics are asking for blankets and other supplies, organizations are asking for donations to help take care of physical and psychological needs, etc. Dozens of organizations. Which one to help? Sent in a donation.

Public Relations. It's sick, watching some of the international news organizations file completely skewed reports that distort the entire episode. According to some of these "news organizations" Gaza is being pummeled -- and they provide absolutely no mention of the REASON that Israel has attacked. Honest Reporting, which, for my money, does one of the best jobs of mobilizing people to refute dishonest reporting (they give an award out every year for the Dishonest Reporter of the Year -- unfortunately, there's significant competition) is asking for help. Hell yeah.

And then there are all the individual stories. People who are desperate for assistance. Kids who are terrorized and need to leave the area. The Magen David Adom -- Israel's version of the Red Cross -- which is stretched beyond their means.

How does one possibly say "no" to any of these causes?

It's hard to laugh, but sometimes you have to. (My daughter says that I have worn this one out, but it still makes me chuckle)

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