Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Chanukah and Onions

 Hard to believe that next week is Chanukah. I barely got the succa put is this possible?

Of course, one of the fun things about chanukah is that it's a light-hearted holiday and, in recent years, has become the big magnet for lots of new chanukah-related videos and songs.

My creative juices start flowing and every year I say THIS is the year that I'm going to do something -- a skit, monologue, song, whatever. Could be kind of serious or just pure fun and funny.

Still have a week to see what I can get together. Then, of course, I have to figure out some social activity to show off.

On another topic (entirely), I recently read about the amazing power of onions as an herb that actually absorbs all sorts of poisons and bacteria in the air. The stuff that I was reading mentioned leaving an open onion around someone who's sick and watching it turn black, overnight, as it absorbs the person's bacteria (and, of course, the person gets better). Gal's got a doozy of a cold so maybe I'll give it a try, but I have to figure out where to hide the onion because she's going to think that I'm nuts if I tell her what I'm doing.

For another tip (that I've tried and works), hold a metal spoon in your mouth when you cut onions and you won't cry. Don't know why, but it works.

And as long as we're on a roll here -- for hiccups, drink a cup of water from the opposite side of the cup (meaning that you're going to have to bend over to drink). Don't know why it works but it does, every time. 

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