Friday, November 09, 2012

Cat Psychologist Anyone?

Can someone please tell me why I always end up with the animals who need psychological help?

Juliette, who was found stuffed in a box outside my gate last winter (someone knew which sucker's gate to put her near) has zero self-preservation skills. Aren't cats supposed to know how to take care of themselves?

When we found her she was tiny, probably about 4 weeks old, so I kept her in for much of the winter last year. By the time she started to wander outside, she was oblivious to the dangers of the neighborhood. She strolls around the lane as though dangerous dogs (or dangerous people) don't exist and would hop up in the tree in our yard from where she couldn't figure out how to get down (my daughter used to have to climb up there on a regular basis to grab her -- we just trimmed the tree so hopefully that problem has been taken care of).

It's pouring outside and whereas every other cat in the city is probably tucked safely under some roof or other shelter somewhere, Juliette is walking around outside, completely soaked.

Is this normal?

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