Monday, October 08, 2012

Simhat Torah 2012

Gave my son gas money for the car, so he was in a good enough mood to promise to leave his camera (his sister's camera which he has taken over) at the house for a few weeks when he  goes back to his army base. Maybe I'll finally have a few pictures to share.

This kid amazes me. We've always known that he has more than the average amount of marbles clicking around in his cerebral area (his siblings call him the family genius) but I'm still blown away when he casually lets drop a few tidbits about what he's doing. For instance, we were talking about the fact that a lot of universities now offer online classes, and he said "oh yes, I've taken a couple of MIT courses online."  Huh? MIT? My kid?

And a few months ago, my brother was here with his family -- my brother now teaches at a yeshiva, but years ago he studied chemical engineering and racked up a PhD in the subject (my brothers are all pretty good in the sciences -- not like their sister who stayed away from anything that even smelled of math and science). Anyway, I happened to walk in on a conversation between the two of them where they were discussing recent advances in the study of DNA. Good grief. 

Nice holiday at the Rappeports. Last night was just me and the kids but my son and daughter did the cooking, so I was off duty (stir-fry -- half with tofu and half with chicken). They also made an onion soup and I happened to see the amount of (olive) oil that was used, which was about 4x the amount that I would have used. But....I kept my mouth closed, and sure enough, the soup was delicious.

However, I woke up in the middle of the night with a massive stomach ache and diarrhea
and I suspect that it was the oil -- I'm not used to that kind of fat in my diet any more. All day I was kind of listless, but managed to put together the BBQ for the daytime meal (sons did the actual grilling). Only now, 10:00p.m., has my appetite returned. (I did manage to eat some of the BBQ which was wonderful...too bad that I just didn't have much of an appetite).

Out on the main street the municipality and various yeshivas are celebrating the end of Simhat Torah with a second round of hakafot -- dancing with the Torah -- this time, because the holiday has finished, with music. I don't have any desire to go out and mill around with everyone but I can hear everything from here.
Second round of Hakafot in Tzfat - picture from FB post of Gabi, Livnot U'Lehibanot

And that's Simhat Torah 2012 from Tzfat! Now, on to the real world.

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