Friday, June 01, 2012

June is Busting Out All Over (does anyone else remember that song?)

Just read: "Adults who play with a cat or dog while it's wearing a flea and tick collar are exposed to up to 500 times the Environmental Protection Agency's safe level of pesticides, according to a first-of-its-kind study by scientists at the Natural Resources Defense Council. For children, the levels can be 1,000 times higher than what's safe."

Great. Guess who finally broke down and got her dogs flea/tick collars this year?

Invited out for Friday night dinner!

AND I have some people staying in my guest room! (and, to boot, they're nice).

AND I just fought with the next-door 5-star hotel to get my daughter a subscription for the summer to their pool (they made it cheap this year and all the neighborhood kids got subscriptions and then the hotel said that there were too many people and closed the deal...what? My daughter is going to be the only one sitting home all summer?) and WON. Got the price down too.

AND the contractor started to work on my house this week and by this time next week, God willing, I should have a nice covered porch, living room walls that aren't filled with holes, tiles on the bathroom walls (including over the hole that Mica dug into the sheetrock the first time that we tried to give her a bath....I still don't attempt baths for her unless she rolls in something disgusting) and some other basic repairs completed that I've been putting off for eons.

June is shaping up to be a great month. I even caught a few of my son's pictures that he put on our laptop....Combat Engineering Corp. Since I know that he'll never see this, I can safely share it for posterity.

Menu for tomorrow's lunch (6 lady-friends coming)
  • filet of chicken
  • potatos and sweet potatos
  • bread stuffing (I baked it separately, rather than with the chicken, because of the vegetarian guest, and then remembered that she's also allergic to eggs. Ah, can't win)
  • quinoa with basil pesto
  • salads
  cute kid on the right


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