Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New-Old Home

Completely, totally, utterly worn out. The contractor finished the work on the house today (except for a few little finishing touches which he'll complete next week) and I have just spent the last six hours washing the entire house. The dust and grime was beyond belief but, if you don't look too closely, the house is clean and looks great to boot.

The big jobs were the porch frame, which can now be used as a succa (easy succa-making now) and the bathroom, where he completely redid the wall and floor tiles and re-enamaled the peeling bathtub. I should have just bought a new bathtub but...some things will have to wait.

He also fixed all the cracks in the living room and kitchen walls -- cracking walls are a hazard of living in an old stone house in Tzfat's Old City -- and repainted. It looks so nice. If I could work full-time from home, I'd be quite's a cozy space now. What I'm really looking forward to is the hammocks which he'll hang on the porch. Two chair hammocks.

To keep us company in our renewed house, we've acquired a new puppy. It's temporary -- one of the Livnot chevre found him up on the Metzuda and wants to take him, but can't until September. So, for the meantime, he's living (and peeing) here. Eats like a horse too. Eh, what am I going to do -- throw him back? Yup, they do call me "sucker."

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