Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Here Kitty Kitty

As I was walking home on Wednesday evening after the dogs' evening walk, I saw Mica nuzzling something in a box that had been put next to my gate. I peeked in and saw a tiny kitten which someone had placed in the box, together with an old rag and some white cheese (stuck in a plastic cup which the kitten couldn't get into.

Well, what does one do? The kitten is now named Juliette and has moved into our home. Permanently, I guess. The dogs play with her and Mica loves to clean her, which Juliette suffers with relatively good humor (she doesn't scratch or run away).

Update -- March 28th
Half-grown crazy kitty now lives permanently in the house. Will be happy to accept contributions to her spay  job. 

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