Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year 2012 in Safed

My niece gave birth in Jerusalem and the brit was Friday morning. Thank goodness that I had the opportunity to take off Thursday -- I did all of my Shabbat preparations, even setting the table, and got on the bus on Thursday night to sleep overnight with my daughter who has an apt in Jerusalem.

Having my cousins living downstairs from me is very reassuring in such cases -- my 15-year-old didn't want to sleep at a friend so she asked a friend to sleep with her at home. This didn't' worry me because I knew that there were back-up adults on the premises if needed.

Shabbat was nice. We had Friday night supper on our own, just my daughter and I. It's really important to do that sometimes. It gives us unlimited time to sit and chat which we don't always do during the week. I still make a million side dishes, along with the main dish (we had chili -- ummmmm), even for the 2 of us, and it's a nice atmosphere. We ate leisurely, sang (me), played cards and gave the dogs some extra attention.

My older daughter bought her teen sister an iPhone (used). more distraction for an already-easily-distracted ADHD kid. But she's pleased and somehow, I have to just trust that it will all be for the best. I can't control everything and it's healthier for all of us if I don't even try. (It does seem a little unfair, though, that now SHE has a camera, on her phone, and MY camera, which she broke, is still unusable...)

Saturday night I went to the local gathering spot for some music and fun. The place is called the "Khan of the White Donkey" and it's a 700 (or more)-year-old building that was renovated as a kind of "alternative" hot spot. They have weekly concerts and rent it out for groups, but this night they had an open mic night for the local musicians.

It was quite a crowd...young ultra-Orthodox guys, still in their Shabbat hats and jackets, mingling with the Nach Nachs crowd, religious, secular, Safed-hippies, and a non-insignificant number of old hippies from the '60s who now live in Tzfat. Israelis and immigrants, high school kids and people in their 60s (at least). The music was fun and lively and it just seemed be in a mixed crowd where everyone was having a good time.

May it be a foretelling of the new (secular) year. Peace and co-existence. Let's start for co-existence among us Jews and take it from there.

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