Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hetro, Homo, Single, Double.....

Someone posted this on FB today.....evidently this young man was raised by two lesbian parents and turned out to be the kind of young man that any parent would be proud of.

Now I'm not exactly what you'd describe as "liberal." But it's pretty much escaped me as to why anyone would care what other people do in their bed. If they have issues about religion or any other theoretical or philosophical questions about their sexuality, that's between them and their God. I have enough of my own issues to improve...I don't need anybody else's.

Frankly, I wouldn't have minded having a second adult around to help me raise my kids. There's still 15-year-old in the middle of adolescence left to go. Different bedrooms though.....

Housework pays

Swept out Hagai's room today and I found my lost gold chain! I'm the world's worse housekeeper but sometimes, cleaning a bit is worthwhile.

Hagai had his ceremony today for the end-of-year-one-in-the-army. He's in the Israeli Army Corps of Engineers which, in any conflict, is the first group of soldiers over the border, as they are the ones responsible for dismantling minefields, roadside bombs and other goodies.

I took my New Zealand cousins (or rather, they rented a car and took me and Gal) and I think that they were touched by the ceremony too. You can't help it -- these young boys ready to do whatever needs to be done to take care of their country.

Anyway, my cousins had a camera so I can share the photos.

Livnot is having a big shabbaton for all the bnot sherut ever who were at Livnot (32 years worth). some of the guests are staying at my house. Luckily, no kids coming home this weekend so there's plenty of room. I did remind the people who were organizing it, a million times, that the guests had to be OK with dogs. So, I guess I did my part.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fire and Jealousy

In addition to the regular round of requests for people who are going through horrible life situations (a father of a large family who can't work because he has to stay at home due to his wife's chemotherapy treatments -- how old could a mother of babies be?; a family of 12 kids that's always begging for money for the basics, etc)we've had two incidents of fires in Safed in the last two weeks which have impacted on people who really can't afford to replace their belongings.

One was a family that lives 2 minutes from my front door -- the mother happened to wander outside one night at 11;30p.m. and saw that the outside of their house was on fire -- where they have their washing machine and dryer, all their firewood for the winter, etc. The Tzfat fire department came in a timely manner....someone said that it took close to half an hour. So they're struggling to replace their necessities (7 kids -- you need a washing machine)

The second was even more frightening. Due to a local mobster war, some people splashed kerosene over a shoe shop on the main street and set it ablaze, burning down the apartment of the woman who lives above. It was a rented apt but it held all of her worldly possessions (luckily she wasn't there at the time).

One of our local deep-thinkers evidently said that fires were a kabbalistic sign of jealousy -- not necessarily pointing to the person that it happened to, but jealousy in the community.

I need to check my smoke alarms.

No more pictures for awhile -- to no one's great surprise, letting my daughter take the camera to school to take pictures of her classmates wasn't a wise idea. The lens needs fixing. A mere few hundred shekels.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lazy Days

I'm taking a few days off this week, mostly to work on articles that I'm writing for web-content freelance work. Some of it is dry but I'm creating content for a new site now that's basically history, and it's very interesting. I spend, probably, more time that I should doing the research -- probably why I'd starve if I relied on freelance work long-term. But it's kind of fun. What's even more fun is sitting at home on a freezing rainy day and just pottering around my house. Some people go away for vacations, but frankly, I put so much effort into my, it's a travel location anyway. People pay a lot of money to come to Safed! So I stay at home, save a ton of money, have everything that I need at my fingertips...(am I as boring as I sound?). Anyway, if anyone asks me where I was, I can just say "having a Safed vacation." Yesterday I went to the butchershop to get some chicken bones for the dogs. I was waiting, and waiting, and waiting...while the old couple in front of me stocked up. Anyway, just as the elderly man was paying the butcher and I thought "OK, my turn" he started to bless the butcher. Long life, nachas from the children, good health....and then he went on, naming each child by name, the butcher's mother and father, wife, in-laws..... Ah, only in Israel. Another "only in Israel" though was that, after they finished and left, a woman who had called in her order came in to collect and so SHE became the next in line. And, only in Israel -- I wanted to leave, but was afraid of offending the butcher and his mother (who also works in the store...woman must be 80 if she's a day).