Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fire and Jealousy

In addition to the regular round of requests for people who are going through horrible life situations (a father of a large family who can't work because he has to stay at home due to his wife's chemotherapy treatments -- how old could a mother of babies be?; a family of 12 kids that's always begging for money for the basics, etc)we've had two incidents of fires in Safed in the last two weeks which have impacted on people who really can't afford to replace their belongings.

One was a family that lives 2 minutes from my front door -- the mother happened to wander outside one night at 11;30p.m. and saw that the outside of their house was on fire -- where they have their washing machine and dryer, all their firewood for the winter, etc. The Tzfat fire department came in a timely manner....someone said that it took close to half an hour. So they're struggling to replace their necessities (7 kids -- you need a washing machine)

The second was even more frightening. Due to a local mobster war, some people splashed kerosene over a shoe shop on the main street and set it ablaze, burning down the apartment of the woman who lives above. It was a rented apt but it held all of her worldly possessions (luckily she wasn't there at the time).

One of our local deep-thinkers evidently said that fires were a kabbalistic sign of jealousy -- not necessarily pointing to the person that it happened to, but jealousy in the community.

I need to check my smoke alarms.

No more pictures for awhile -- to no one's great surprise, letting my daughter take the camera to school to take pictures of her classmates wasn't a wise idea. The lens needs fixing. A mere few hundred shekels.

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