Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Housework pays

Swept out Hagai's room today and I found my lost gold chain! I'm the world's worse housekeeper but sometimes, cleaning a bit is worthwhile.

Hagai had his ceremony today for the end-of-year-one-in-the-army. He's in the Israeli Army Corps of Engineers which, in any conflict, is the first group of soldiers over the border, as they are the ones responsible for dismantling minefields, roadside bombs and other goodies.

I took my New Zealand cousins (or rather, they rented a car and took me and Gal) and I think that they were touched by the ceremony too. You can't help it -- these young boys ready to do whatever needs to be done to take care of their country.

Anyway, my cousins had a camera so I can share the photos.

Livnot is having a big shabbaton for all the bnot sherut ever who were at Livnot (32 years worth). some of the guests are staying at my house. Luckily, no kids coming home this weekend so there's plenty of room. I did remind the people who were organizing it, a million times, that the guests had to be OK with dogs. So, I guess I did my part.

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