Thursday, October 27, 2011

New Immigrants

I had to go to an office near one of the new supermarkets today. The supermarket is located near the Tzfat Ethiopian Absorption Center which, I had recently heard, had just absorbed several hundred new immigrants recently arrived from Ethiopia. So after I finished my appointment I went into the supermarket to pick up something, and the local ulpan (Hebrew language) teacher was standing next to the vegetable stand, giving the group of Ethiopians a Hebrew lesson. They were learning the names of the various foods and how to do their shopping. Shoppers were manuvering their way around the group who were standing there dressed pretty much as they must have dressed in Ethiopia. No one gave them a second look. Business as usual in Israel. My guests in the guestroom this week are a nice young couple from New York, soon moving to Vancouver. My cousins are hosting them for Friday night dinner tomorrow night so they should have a nice time. I would have loved to have hosted them myself, but my son is back from the army this week for the first time in three week and I know that he'd like a little bit of privacy, so I'll have to do my hosting next week. There's another couple from Atlanta who are coming next week and they sound very nice on email, so I'm looking forward to meeting them. They were also pleased to be set up for Shabbat meals. And the week after that, a couple from Germany......whew! Anyone who said that you never meet new people in a small town like Tzfat never had a guestroom!

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