Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Pre Rosh Hashana Thoughts

Why is it that, just when you get yourself organized and stock up on grapes, which have gone down in price, all the family members who, a week previously, couldn't eat enough grapes, suddenly have no appetite for grapes.

Peaches. Ditto.

Why do I have the attention span of a puppy? ADD? Talk about a late diagnosis!

Why, when you mention to someone that you'd like to do something different with your life, they say "follow your dream," forgetting that you may have to figure out some short-term finances while you're following that dream. Could I be the only person who has those constraints? Or am I just being silly?

Why, when you get divorced and "divide up" 50% - 50%, does that equasion not take into account the hours that you put into cooking, cleaning, running to school events, entertaining kids' friends and generally raising the kids? Why does one partner get 100% of the "fun" of doling out punnishments and then getting the backlash? Who said "the law is an ass?" Not just the law, either.

Why, at age 53, do I feel like I'm 23, and still looking for adventure?

Who ARE these tame cats who keep coming to my porch to be fed? Breakfast and dinner. Daily. Am I the only idiot that pays 150 shekels for an 18 kilo bag of cat food to feed the strays? And how can I tell Oscar, the tabby that if I feed him, he should let me pat him.

WHAT is going on in the house next door at 5:30a.m. every morning? The guy has a bunch of dogs and they all go ape every morning. (Guess what time I got up this morning?)

What could I do, on a budget of $0, to feel fulfilled?

How do other people see me?

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