Sunday, September 11, 2011

Meeting People

In the last two week's I've left Tzfat twice, which is unusual.

First time, last week, I headed to Tel Aviv to visit my daughter on my way to an evening wedding in Jerusalem. At the rest stop in Zichron, the bus left me while I was buying my coffee (I wouldn't have been the last in line if someone else hadn't pushed ahead of me, but that's me......wimp). I ended up hitching to Tel Aviv and my day was pretty much shot.

Then on Thursday and again on Friday, I had to go to Haifa to help my daughter. As mentioned previously, it wasn't the highlight of my week.

My kids always complain that I don't leave Tzfat often but frankly, these experiences just emphasize that I do best in my little world.

Which is why I'm grateful that I have a little guestroom below my house. It's not luxurious, but it's a nice comfortable room and allows me to meet some of the most interesting people. Some people prefer to be left alone but others enjoy coming up to sit on my porch and telling me a little about their lives.

I've had people stay with me who come from all over the world.....Israelis, immigrants, backpackers, families, couples, professors, name it. Some of these people have become friends who stay in touch. I see that, in addition to adding to my own opportunities to get to meet and know new people, I'm able to give these people a perspective about life in Tzfat and Israel that they wouldn't hear otherwise.

I can tell them about out-of-the-way places that they can explore -- things that most travelers wouldn't know about. They often meet my family and friends which also provides an opportunity to learn more about the city and its residents.

I may not run the most expensive guestroom or have luxury accommodations, but I'm proud to be able to provide, for moderate prices, not only a guestroom, but a true Tzfat experience -- and give myself an experience at the same time!

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