Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kupat Cholim Again

Month go by, even years, when I don't step foot into my local branch of Kupat Cholim. The location of the Health fund office, right down the block from me in central Safed, is convenient enough that I can leave my house five minutes before my appointment (to which I walk).

Which is lucky because, when I do need them, it seems as though it happens in waves. I've been visiting them almost weekly these past few weeks for physical therapy to take care of an inflammation on my heel (I'm unclear as to whether this is a bone spur or something else) that has bothered me all summer. In addition, I have some eye issues and to top everything off, Gal got her first cold of the school year and has been home for several days with a fever and sore throat/cough, so it seemed like a good idea to get it checked out this morning. It's times like this that I pity my American friends and relatives -- I was in and out of the clinic within a half hour, having had her fully checked, a throat culture taken and a "just in case" prescription handed to me.

If her culture comes back positive, I'll get a 90% subsidized course of anti-biotics for her at the nearby pharmacy (another 5 minute walk....gee, am I spoiled or what?)

Israel has its problems but somehow they've made sure that their citizens receive proper, low-cost, effective and universal health care. Yoo hoo America?

On Thursday I was debating whether to add another 200 shekels to tzdekka (charity). I'd already given quite a bit, but felt a desire to add a little. Well, 3 minutes after handing in the 200 shekels, I got an email inviting me to sign a contract for some hoped-for freelance writing work. Interesting how these coincidences work.

p.s. culture came back positive! To my surprise. Antibiotics, here we come.

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