Sunday, September 11, 2011

Blood Pressure

As Thursday draws to a close, I look forward to 50-something hours of homelife....catching up on errands, cooking nice Shabbat food (why not? I don't cook during the rest of the week) and generally winding down. This past Thursday my daughter, 24-years old and should-know-better, called me to notify me that she was about to head into the operating room for a nose-job. Partly medical and partly cosmetic. She assured me that she had a friend with her and, since she hadn't told me before hand that anything was up, I just decided to call later to see how she was doing. Early-afternoon I got a call -- her sister was there, she was not doing wonderfully and she wanted me to come. So I hopped on a bus to Haifa, prepared to spend the night. By evening she was moving a bit and the nurse assured me that she didn't need a sleep-over mom so I headed home. By bus. Friday, as I was rushing to do everything that I hadn't done on Thursday, I got another call -- the "friend" that was supposed to pick her up had "other things to do" -- could I come? So I rounded up a car and my cousin to drive and we headed off to Haifa. First "fashla" (screw-up) was that, programming the GPS, we entered "Italian Hospital" since, I told my cousin, "there's only one." Well, yes, there's only one -- in Haifa. There's another one in Nazareth and that's where the GPS sent us. Reprogrammed the machine (and feeling pretty foolish -- after all, I KNOW how to get to Haifa) and arrived at the Italian Hospital in time to take my daughter to......what? She wants us to take her to Tel Aviv? Is she kidding? Nope, turns out that she thought that we were about to drive her to Tel Aviv. So, we got her her meds and took her to the train station and headed back to Tzfat. It's a good thing that the next day was Shabbat because my blood pressure needed to come down. On the other hand -- she's healthy. The operation went well. She can breath better than ever. No tragedy occurred. I came home to a 15-year-old who successfully held down the fortress (and I was able to leave because I had my cousins downstairs to keep an eye on the situation). OK, deep's a new week......onward.

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