Friday, August 19, 2011

A few weeks ago I made a nice roast beef for Shabbat dinner in honor of Hagai's return from the army for Shabbat. He fell asleep shortly after candle-lighting and we didn't see him again until Saturday afternoon. So I froze the roast.

This week, after 3 weeks, he was scheduled to come home, so I unfroze the roast for tonight's dinner. Yesterday evening he got a call to return to base because of the high level of alert after the terrorist attack.

So, I refroze the beef.

This morning he left at about 9:30a.m., and I fried up some tofu because Yochi won't eat the beef, Gal doesn't really like it and I don't care. (I actually made a nice dinner with corn, potatos, baked mushrooms and all sorts of salds). A few hours later, Hagai showed up again -- they didn't need him after all.

So, the beef is out of the freezer again.

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