Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Big Breath

The Tisha B'Av fast ended and it's time for Ben HaZmanim, the big Israeli vacation time. And where does everyone come? You guessed it....Tzfat! OK, maybe not everyone. Some people head to Italy or London. But it certainly SEEMS like everyone comes to Tzfat.

I'm hoping for a few good guest room rentals for the next few weeks. I have one more big job that really needs to be done on the house -- redoing the porch railing which is rotting away. After that, i think that i'm going to take a break from working on The House and try to just relax a bit. Over the last year we redid the roof, built a bedroom, put in air conditioning and bought new (used, but nice) furniture for the living room. I think that I deserve to stop saving for the Next Project and just enjoy what I have for awhile.

Would love to find some more content writing jobs. The part-time work that I do is enjoyable and I'm pretty good at it. Plus, it's puts me in a new world. Have to find out how to develop it a bit.


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