Saturday, April 03, 2010


I am SO ready to not hear anymore "isn't there anything to eat around here?"

I wonder whether kids whose families don't eat gebroichts (matza or matza meal mixed with anything) on Pesach are just better behaved, more tolerant or better eaters than my kids. Or, maybe they simply starve for the week.

Best photo moment of the week was seeing an Arab vendor eating a matza sandwich at the shuk (open air market)on Wednesday.

This one week holiday probably doubled my monthly expenditures. In addition to food, we did some shopping, some entertainment, a bit of travel and new sandals and clothes. I should leave this blog alone and go write some articles and make some $$$.

A spritz of vinager+water in the ear of a dog who looks like she's developing an ear infection can prevent the infection from developing. Phew...I do NOT need a vet bill now.

Last batch of matza brei this morning! Thanks to my British cousins for teaching me that you can eat it with salt instead of sugar....much better.

Barbque tomorrow for lunch! I'm off kitchen-duty!

Have been invited out for coffee with my almost-14-year-old to celebrate my birthday.


mikimi said...

I have been telling everyone that this was no Chag Haheirut (and I did not even cook!) but the holiday of HUNGER as one is always cooking or preparing to cook for those who are hungry!
I will be in town on Thursday morning and if you could take time off work to zip into town, I would be honored to treat you at MBagel or somewhere else. Kindly be in touch with me.

Elli said...

My 24 year old son, Max, just arrived there and is staying with a family of 6 kids; I'm sure he would love to hear from you! His email address is

Thanks if you can get in touch with him! elli