Monday, September 12, 2011

La Kamsanita

I periodically peruse the various websites that are devoted to saving money, looking for tips and ideas on how to save money.

And I almost never find any ideas that I haven't been doing for ages.

So here, absolutely free and with no kickback (affiliate advertising, they're called today) links or other thoughts of personal benefit, are some of my ideas for saving money.

1. Give up the car. If you can. I gave it up and walk everywhere. I am also limited in where I can go, where I can work and what I can do for entertainment/shopping/etc, but in the long run, I come out ahead, even with those limitations. Yearly registration and insurance would cost me, easily, a month's salary.

2. Second hand stores. 'Nuff said.

3. Entertainment budget -- just take it off the list and watch a downloaded movie.

4. Eating out budget -- put it where the entertainment budget is.

4. Buying clothes. Second-hand stores. First of all, everything costs a ton less. And secondly, it's like shopping in a treasure chest instead of going to somewhere that has 20 copies of the same piece, each in different sizes. I think that it makes shopping FUN.

5. Water. Don't get me started. Don't flush after every pish. Remove the hanging apparatus in the shower so that people have to hold the showerhead while they're showering. It forces them to turn off the water while they're shampooing/soaping up. Keep a little bucket in the kitchen sink to collect the rinsing water and then use it for your plants (I actually know someone who uses it to refill the toilet tank but that's a bit much, even for me) This should really be an on-going post.

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