Monday, January 18, 2010


My thoughts these days are rarely far from what's going on in Haiti. The people have gone through the hell of a catastrophic earthquake and are in the midst of a second disaster, this one won't end with in a few moments.

What I also can't stop thinking about is why, a week after the disaster, the world rescue effort is so completely unorganized and inefficient. If the word "bumbling" didn't conotate something so benign, I'd use that word. Criminal is more like it.

Obama stood together with the previous two presidents, Bush and Clinton, looking presidential in their concern and caring....but America, the richest country on earth, and located practically next door to Haiti, is as clueless about how to help the people of Haiti as they were three years ago when Katrina hit New Orleans. How can this rich country, full of resources, not know what to do here?

You'd think that they would have learned how to act in a disaster. How to rescue people and treat the survivors. Yet seven days after the earthquake, in an age that allows the American military to pinpoint a bombing strike onto the exact meter that they want to hit from a distance of miles away.....the only country that is efficiently operating to rescue survivors and treat the wounded properly is Israel.

Proud? Of course. But it's basically what we Israelis (and Jews) expect of ourselves. It's not exactly brain surgery to realize that Haitian survivors will need antibiotics, triage care, an operating theater, and other BASICS of medical care. So why are patients at the American hospital dying of infections and gangrene because their country can't figure out how to get the right kind of medical care to Haiti? We're talking about the lack of cheap antibiotics.

And why, as one American doctor said, have the Israelis been able to fly in an entire field hospital from the other side of the world, complete with the latest state-of-the-art equipment. They've set it up within EIGHT HOURS and are treating the patients that none of the other governments hospitals are equipped to treat?

It's time for the Americans to call their government to account for this. All Obama's supporters -- all the people who were sure that he'd be more capable, more caring, more humane than Bush -- it's time to admit that he washed out completely on this one. Maybe it's not politically correct to criticize him, but I don't see a single bit of proof of a social conscience here on his part, much less on the part of his advisors, underlings, appointees, or anyone else who could get his wealthy country to do what a nation 1/200th of America's size and with a GNP that's much less than his country, has done.

I live in Israel, and even with the constant threats and uncertainties that go with living here (Iran's atom bomb threat, for just one little example) I know that I can count on my government to do everything that is needed to protect me. Americans, I don't think that you can say that any more.

Don't know why these links won't embed into the blog, but here are some videos to see.

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