Monday, January 04, 2010

This is Mica, a lovable mutt that was brought to us by my son and his then-girlfriend (now his wife) last year when they found her huddling in a bomb shelter doorway. They asked if we'd keep her until the wedding when they'd be able to take her. That didn't work well -- a young couple that's never at home can't do much with a young active dog, their landlord wasn't interested in having a dog there, and the time they were ready to move into their own digs the rest of the family would have had a fit if Mica would have left. (Me included)

So, when she disappeared on Saturday it was distressing to everyone. Mica has a friend down the street, Buddy, who was found at about the same time. They look alike (Buddy is black) and we suspect that they are siblings. Anyway, when the two of them see each other they immediately head off to the wadi below the city, but always return by the evening. This time, Buddy came back but by Saturday night Mica was nowhere to be seen.

What can I say? You get attached to these critters. By Sunday night the atmosphere in the house was one of mourning.

Then I remembered that there's a segula, a kind of good luck charm, that you can say when you loose something. You give tzdekka, charity and say "Aloka Meir Anenni", a reference to Rabbi Meir Ba'al HaNes who is kind of the patron Rabbi of lost items. Both Margalit and I did it, and Monday morning, guess who was sitting outside our gate!

As I age, my skepticism about some things kind of cools. I'm a sucker at heart.

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