Sunday, November 29, 2009

Building my Website

Website Building for Beginners

A Technological Novice

If you would have told me, fifteen years ago, that I'd be able to work with basic computer skills, I would have laughed.

For me, changing a light bulb is about as technical as I can get, and my entrance into the world of computer literacy was accomplished with much kicking and screaming.

Slowly and surely, however, I became competent on the computer, learning to navigate the internet and work with WORD, EXEL and even POWERPOINT, though only with much tutoring and hand-holding.

The world of websites and working with computer "languages" however, always seemed to be as far into outerspace as one of NASA's launches.

Baby Steps

So it was with much trepidation that I began to explore the possibility of building my own website several months ago when my former simple space on the web, a free website template, no longer seemed adequate for my needs.

"Build a site" my friends told me repeatedly, when I complained that I had amassed a ton of material which would assist visitors to my city, as well as lead them to my own rental guest room. I just chuckled. Me, build a website? My 13-year-old helps me when I get stuck on computer issues!

Slowly though, I began to research the possibilities, and found a well-respected "how-to" site which gave a list of 10 recommended website hosting companies. I looked up each company's listing with the Better Business Bureau, and found that only one, Lunar Pages, had not only received accreditation, but their review by the BBB was excellent.

A Solution with LunarPages

I slowly looked through the Lunar Pages site, and did several cost-comparisons with other web-hosting companies, including the company which had hosted my freebie for a number of years, and with whose webbuilding program I was comfortable with already (which says a lot, considering that I was quite nervous about tackling something new).

I was also pleased to see various options which gave me different alternatives for my site. The were various time frames that I could sign up for, as well as different programs designed to meet alternate needs. In the end, I chose one program, and when, after starting, it seemed to be the wrong choice for me, the LunarPages staff immediately offered me the option of switching, even though it meant that I would receive a refund for the difference.

LunarPages costs were extremely competitive and favorable in comparison to what other companies were offering. In addition, from the moment that I started the process of registering with them and as I began to ask my numerous questions about getting started, their support team was always available and willing to assist, even with questions with must have seemed ridiculous to them for their simplicity.

Every issue that I was struggling with, every new "oh no, how am I going to figure THIS out?" that cropped up, they have been with me, patiently teaching me how to set up my site.

I don't think that Bill Gates will be looking to hire me anytime soon, but I am thoroughly satisfied with LunarPages, and highly recommend that anyone building a website or looking to host a site, rank beginners as well as more advanced builders, consider their company.

Check out LunarPages Website Hosting

Check out LunarPages Website Hosting

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday Nights

There are some habits that are hard to break.

One of which is Saturday Night's bedtime. All week I wait for Shabbat to catch up on my sleep. So what do I do as soon as Shabbat comes? Sleep late, take a nap, and then on Saturday night....go to sleep at 2:00a.m. And what happens on sunday morning? I'm tired again. Go figure.

The other ritual is food--I start out on Friday thinking "wow, I still have a full fridge/pantry.....I don't think that I need to go shopping next week". And by the time everyone's done eating, noshing and hoarding to take back with them for the coming week, I'm back to making my shopping list.

We had great guests staying in our guest room over Shabat. Nice family from Los Angeles. I did some laundry for them this evening and assured them that if I hung it out tonight it would be ready by tomorrow morning. Then, I took in the laundry that I'd hung out yesterday afternoon and noticed that it was NOT dry. So theirs won't be either, tomorrow.

I had a "Tzfat moment" on Thursday. I was sitting in the post office waiting for my turn, along with another half a dozen people. It was taking awhile and one of the ladies who was waiting decided to say her afternoon prayers while waiting. So she stood quietly on the side and prayed. In the meantime her turn came up and everyone noticed that she was missing her turn, but they were all aware of why. So someone else went in her place, and as soon as she was done everyone readjusted their turns so that she could get back in line.

The news reports are sounding optimistic that Gilad Shalit, the soldier who's been held captive by Hamas in Gaza will get out this week after three years of captivity. I'm sorry to say that I didn't have the same understanding of the trauma when Ron Arad or any of the other soldiers were missing years ago, but now, having had a son who served in the army and having "been there" as a worried mother, I felt differently about Gilad Shalit, as though he was the son of us all. His family is amazing....they kept up the pressure on the government relentlessly. Please let this be the week that he comes home.

Sunday, November 01, 2009


Just saw this:
The US Federal Trade Commission requires full disclosure in blogs, review postings and comment postings if the writer has received compensation, including free products. Failure to fully disclose can result in fines up to $11,000 per posting.


My ramblings are uncompensated.

Though, if someone wants to compensate me, I will forward the details of where and how to leave the money.