Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday mornings

Made my regular shuk-walk this morning. I had originally said that I wouldn't go because my fridge is packed (new diet, lots of vegetables....sigh)but then I remembered that I need to get Gal some socks so I figured that I'd make a quick zip in and out. Ha. Half an hour later I staggered into work with all the stuff that I don't find (cheaply anyway) anywhere else....avocados, artichokes, green onions, mushrooms....

Walking into the Old City I saw the regular group of Ethiopian ladies crowded around the g'mach (second hand clothing store) at the entrance to the alley. One of the younger ladies had found a purple silk-type skirt and she was obviously thrilled with her purchase (usually for half a shekel). She was grinning from ear to ear and twirling around, letting the skirt swirl around her. It was so heart-warming to see.

On the other hand, I noticed that most of these women are still wearing sandals. With the temperature in the 40s, that can't be a lot of fun. A few weeks ago a local tzdekka organization put out a request, on the Tzfat english-speaker's newsletter, for assistance to buy the Ethiopian kids shoes. Dozens of families recently immigrated and are at the absorption center in Tzfat with very little beyond the most basic necessities (these kids also are known to come to school hungry). The tzdekka was collecting money (they still are) to get shoes for the kids -- a local shoe store will sell shoes to the tzdekka for cost, but it still costs quite a bit of money for several hundred pairs of shoes. I know that they didn't raise enough money for all the kids, and now I see the mothers who must be freezing too. You try to do what you can but it's never enough....

In my endless search for natural remedies and treatments I discovered, a few years ago, that if I take Echinacea as soon as I feel a cold coming on, it usually doesn't, or if it does it passes quickly without settling in my chest. Yesterday I finished my second day of taking echinacea 5 times during the day and sure enough--the scratchy sore throat that always used to turn into a cold....didn't.

My Kupat Cholim health fund should take note.

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