Thursday, December 31, 2009

Musings on the first day of the new (Gregorian) decade

I really like the way my house looks on Friday mornings when I come back from my errands. What I DON'T like is the fact that, to get it that clean, I have to clean BEFORE I go out.

The segula (good luck charm, so to speak) of going to a gravesite of a tzadik (righteous person) for 40 days to pray really works. I did it this year and my request was answered, much to my surprise. Maybe a business idea.....I mean, honestly, I live within a 10-minute walk from the gravesites of dozens of really spectacular tzadiks!

I miss going out dancing. Seriously. Last night there was a dance in my neighborhood for New Years (Gregorian) and I was hopping around the kitchen at 9:00p.m, all excited....and by 11:00p.m. (when I should have gone) I could hardly keep my eyes open. And I knew that I'd need to get up early to cook and clean for Shabbat....exciting life here, y'know.

Echinaicia works. I took it for 2 days earlier this week when I felt a cold coming on, and the cold came and passed. I still spent a semi-miserable day dripping like an open faucet, but it didn't move into my chest and it was over in 24 hours. (and for another come my spellcheck helped me with echinaicia a few days ago and won't now?)

I'd love to end the week, just once, within my budget. Just once. It all comes together on Friday, when I think to myself "I'll just make it" and then everyone realizes that they need a schoolbook/snacks for an upcoming school trip/to pay off a bill/present for a really good friend's birthday

Happy (Gregorian) New Year and Shabbat Shalom.

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