Thursday, October 08, 2009

Vacation Days

According to my contract at work, I'm entitled to half of the intermediate days of the holiday as vacation days (Chol HaMoed). This year, Chol Hamoed is the whole week, from Sunday - Friday, so I get 2 1/2 days off. These vacation days are a problem, because I get used to getting up late, having my coffee leisurely, wandering around to the stores that I want to go to, making myself a yummy lunch....yup, I really get used to this type of life. And then I think "how am I EVER going to go back to work?"

My soldier-daughter was in Tzfat yesterday with "her" soldiers, the ones who are doing the course that she is working with. It's called "Nativ" and is for soldiers who aren't Jewish and are thinking of converting -- mostly Israelis who have grown up in Israel and are very Israeli, but whose fathers are Jewish and mothers aren't (mostly from the Former Soviet Union) so they will need to undergo conversion if they wish to be Jewish. The course takes them on trips and teaches Zionism and Judaism as a preparation, for whoever wants, to do the conversion seminar afterward.

Last time they were in Tzfat, Yochi didn't bring them to the Tourist Center where I work, but this time she did, and of course, I wasn't there. I felt a little bad.....she finally brought them to my place of work which is actually quite interesting. But gee, I loved my day off! (She came home for an hour for a shower and to check her Facebook)

We had renters for a few days this week, so there's a lot of laundry. Yochi is bringing a friend for Shabbat/Simhat Torah, and my nephew and his friend might stay too. So I need to do the sheets NOW. But before I do anything else, I will go up to town for some vegetables and some new scarfs......Mica (the hat-eating hound) has gotten ahold of two of my hats this week and I need some replacements.

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