Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tzfat Stone Mezuzza Covers

Mezuzzas and Kabbalah

The Kabbalistic Explanation of the Commandment of "Mezuzza"

The cornerstone of Luranic (Tzfat) Kabbala is the concept of “tzimtzum” or the concealment of the Divine Light. When God chooses to withdraw his light from the world a void is created, allowing evil to enter. According to Kabbalah man's task is to break through the darkness to discover the light and, or course, God.

Light will disperse the darkness. Kabbalah teaches that wisdom, learning and good deeds are all part of that light. These attributes are seen most clearly in the home.

Battling Evil

The forces of evil are always lurking outside the door. A mezuzza on the door of the house acts as the ray of light which prevents the darkness of evil from penetrating. The mezuzza protects the home and those in it.

What is a Mezuzza?

A mezuzza is a small piece of parchment with a the Biblical verse from Deuteronomy 11:20-21 written on it, It is affixed to the doorpost of a home. This parchment is enclosed by a mezuzza cover which can be simple or a beautiful piece of Judaica.

The Torah promises long life to the homeowner and the homeowner's children when a mezuzza with this verse is affixed to the doorpost of the house.

Tzfat Mezuzzas

Tzfat, the City of Kabbalah, offers mezuzza cover-Judaica made of Tzfat Stone. These mezuzzas are crafted in Tzfat by local artisans from the authentic stones of Tzfat. With a kosher klaf (the klaf, the inserted parchment, must be written by a Jewish scribe in the tradition of the Jewish Torah) these authentic mezuzzas from the City of Kabbalah will bring the blessings and protection of light and goodness to the home and those in it.

Mezuzza covers made of Tzfat Stone – $90

Mezuzza parchments written by Tzfat scribes – $60

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