Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Succot. Succas all over the city, every walkway, every sidewalk, even on some streets.

As one walks along the street, you pass by families who are eating their meals in their succas, kids who are playing games with their siblings and friends in the succas, and even sometimes you can see someone snoring away in their succa. Very different from America, where everyone's succa is in their, no one thinks twice about erecting their succa on the sidewalk next to theri house if they don't have another spot available.

We're lucky. Not only do we have a porch where we can build our succa, but it's a 2-second walk from the kitchen, making it incredibly easy to use. I worked for the first 3 days of the holiday, but now I have 2 days coming up, and I'm looking forward to just sitting in my succa to read, have a cup of coffee, or hang out with a friend. Problem is, I have so many other plans for my days off....

Hagai is around most of the day, but goes out with his friends at night. Margalit has been shipped off to Tel Aviv for a day with her sister, which is kind of fun for me's so QUIET and I don't have to worry about what a horrible parent I am because she's spending so much time on the computer. (Of course, I'm sure that while she's with Ariel in tel Aviv, she's watching a bunch of TV and playing on the computer there too, but such is life) My nephew just showed up with a friend from Jerusalem, and even with the room downstairs rented out, we found a corner for them.

My Moroccan neighbors are having their yearly Succot Simhat Beit HaShoeva, an evening of food, music (LOUD) and entertaining. WHY do Moroccans have to be so loud? This year, I found a new method of self-preservation. I just drank a bottle of wine, and for some reason, the loud music doesn't bother me too much. Wonder why....

I'm fading....time to go to sleep. Happy succot. (I guess that I'm not drunk enough to spell far, so good, huh?)

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