Thursday, September 17, 2009

Erev Rosh Hashana

1. Shop
2. Bake baked goods (including b'day cake for Ariel and Hagai)
3. get tofu for veggies
4. drinks
5. Bake chicken
6. cube meat and cut vegetables for meat dish.
7. grill red peppers for same
8. make potato puff mixture for same
9. cut potatos, sweet potatos, and apples for tzimmis. Season and bake
10. Challah dough
11. molassas cookies (since no one eats honey cake here)
12. rice (sauteed onions and carrots, mixed with cooked rice, olive oil and chopped nuts...yum)
13. Tabouli fixings
14. clean floor -- hasn't been washed all week, yuck, Mica sheds a LOT
15. Simanim (symbols) for the table: apples and honey, dates, gourd, carrots, beets, cabbage, fish,.....
16. green beans with sauteed (fresh!) mushrooms and onions. Yum.
17. make lasagne (meal for the veggie crowd)
18. make salmon (well, not COMPLETELY veggie)
19. bake burekkas
20 wine and grape juice
22. bake challahs
23. second lunch -- barbque? Thundershowers are expected. Prepare alternate.....meat ball sauce, to be ready if necessary.
24. phone Safta, brothers, Jerusalem relatives, grandparents
25. make beds for visiting kids and their spouses/guests
26. floor in Hagai's room
27. salads: egg, avocado, vegetable, humos
28. last minute shopping -- milk, etc
29. Candles
30. Toilet paper, cut
31. electrical appliances set for Shabbat settings
32. a nap?
33. SHANA TOVA TO ALL, especially anyone who has never thought about this before -- you know who you are (and so do I).

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