Sunday, September 20, 2009


"Why did you make chicken? Nobody likes chicken except for you."
"You need to move the furniture in the living room around. The room looks disgusting"
"Did you wash your hands before you made the food?
"Who washed these dishes?
"Are these sheets clean?"
"You could easily fix the enamel on the bathtub with a special paint".
"There's so much wasted space here. I'll show you how to rearrange the furniture"
"Did you put the vegetarian hamburgers on grill first, or after the meat ones?"
"Who are the guests?"
"Why do you let the dogs on the furniture?"
"You're always complaining that you have so much to do. Anyone could spend a little time and
paint the room".
"I hate when you put the dog's food in the kitchen".
"If you'd just listen to me, I could help you make better use of the space in the house. We only
need to get rid of these shelves, this bed, this cabinent ....."
"Don't use the plastic dishes for the first course. I'll show you how to serve it."
"Don't you ever clean the stains off these dishes?"
"Why do you.....?"
"How could you....."
"I hate when you....."
"You don't know how to......"
"You don't know the right way to......"

Thanks for asking. It was a wonderful holiday with the family.

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