Monday, August 17, 2009


Tomorrow is my oldest son's wedding. I've taken the week off to get ready. Most of the work involves preparing for the Shabbat after the wedding -- the bride and groom are leaving for a week away, but many guests will stay over and we'll do Shabbat together. So I've been madly cooking and freezing for weeks, and ony hope that everything works out well. I don't know if there's just so much to think about or what, but I've been sleeping A LOT lately.

Three nice young people rented my guest room for 2 nights, as a surprise -- I hadn't been expecting anyone this week. They told me that they'd be back last night at about 7:00p.m. after a day at the Kinneret, but when I went to sleep at 10:30p.m., they hadn't come back yet. So I worried -- had something happened? Were they OK? Talk about needing to get a life! But I guess that once a mother, always a mother.

As of this morning, they're back. For anyone who wondered....

Woke up this morning to find a couch pillow had gotten in a fight with Mika, and lost. Pillow stuffing was all over the floor, and Mika was laying there like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. I think that the time has come to chain her to a central spot at night -- as it is, I have to put our shoes and my hats up high before I go to sleep, and make sure that all newspapers are out of reach of her mouth. What else?

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