Sunday, August 30, 2009


For a full year, I've been using my son's upcoming wedding as a border, as in "we'll xxxxx After The Wedding".

Well, the wedding has passed, and I need to regroup and:
1. Diet
2. Do some home repairs (I mean, com'mon, a bit of paint would make a big difference on the walls that have had posters torn off of them, and after that, I can worry about polygogging -- patching -- the roof. It won't rain too soon, will it?)
3. Upgrade the ol' computer (considering that I do a fair bit of work from home, not to mention the kids' use it a lot, it's ridiculous that it moves as slowly as it does)
4. Diet
5. Get back to daily walks (I know two pooches who will be pleased with that resolution)
6. Get back to genealogy research
7. Get rid of all my old clothes that have stains that I never see until I'm out of the house, in the sun, and it's too late to turn back and change

That's enough to get started.

The kids go back to school this week. Hagai has decided to return to his conventional high school for 12th grade. He had enough of riding horses and having puppies follow him around the hallways of his "alternative" farm/school. He's thinking of adding Physics to his curriculum, and doesn't envision any difficulty in catching up with the material that everyone else has been learning for the past 3 years, and he probably won't. Intelligence is NOT his problem. Fitting into The Box is.

Gal is starting Junior High School. She's going to the AMIT school to begin with, and may transfer to the Ulpanit (more religious school) after the first few weeks. It's up to her -- I'm not sure whether to encourage her to switch or not. On the one hand, I'd like to see her in a framework with girls who are more committed religiously than the regular AMIT kids tend to be. On the other hand, if she feels pressured to conform (which the Ulpanit is famous for), she may just chuck the whole thing.

I did go out and spend 500 shekels on new Ulpanit-appropriate clothes, so I guess that I'm not giving up all-together......

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