Sunday, August 23, 2009

One Down, Four to Go

So, did I mention how great the wedding was? I can hardly believe that it's over!

To recap, my son, Avishai, married his young lady, Leibat, on Wednesday, at a lovely garden wedding hall just north of Tzfat. The couple organized everything, choosing the place, food, 3-piece group that played during the reception....everything. So I didn't know exactly what to expect, just that I was responsible for getting my other children (and myself) outfitted, made-up, hair-styled (DON'T get me started on that.....I caved in) and there on time.

What can I say? It was so great! Very mellow, great vibes, everything went smoothly (I did have a moment of blanching when the rabbi, under the chuppa, explained to everyone that the ketuba was to protect the woman in case of a divorce -- being a full month after my divorce, I thought that that was a little iffy, but the rabbi couldn't have known)and terrific melding of all the different groups.

Avishai and Leibat left for a week in Rhodes on Thursday, so the Shabbat was with Leibat's family and my relatives who had come for the wedding -- my mother and brother from Detroit, my other brother and his family with our niece and her husband and baby from Jerusalem, cousins from Rananna, cousins from LaPorte INdiana(!) and my newfound cousin from New Zealand(!)

That story deserves its own posting, but it should be said that family is family, and this cousin and his wife, whom none of us knew about until about a year ago, melded into the family like butter on toast, and it was exciting and wonderful to have him join us. (And I'll be that he'll have a lot of stories to tell when he gets home!)

Tomorrow, back to the real world. I"M NOT READY!!!!


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